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Brain Map is a simple diagram that shows your thinkings and mind states like a map of brain.

en1_small.png en6_small.png


- You can analyze your brain and check what you are thinking now.
   Check your brain map daily.

   (It's made just for fun, it doesn't rely on any scientific theories.)

- You can make your own brain map.
   It provides 6 types of brain maps.
     1) Filled with thinkings
     2) Messy and confused
     3) Thinking rarely
     4) Thinking two things equally
     5) Focusing to one thing
     6) Normal and peaceful

   Select brain type and fill texts as you wish.

- You can share brain map image on SNS directly.
   Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, LINE, ChatOn, email are fully compatible and easy to share.

- You can save brain map image too.

   Using it as profile image will be impressive and outstanding.


This app is not an IQ test app or scholarly brain map app.

Brain test(analyzing) function is more close to that in psychology test app.

Feel free to enjoy it.

Here are some more screenshots.

en2_small.png en3_small.png

en4_small.png en5_small.png

The difference between full version and free version is only the ads.

If you don't like ads or you would like to donate, please buy the full version.


Free Version
Full Version

You can also direct download the latest free apk file.

My Brain Map App Forum is created at Hi! Android site.

You can see news, tips, reviews, Q&A, and also you can

suggest new words or contribute on translating app to other languages.

Developer will check and feedback directly. Please come!