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Dreaming Clock is a new type of clock which shows beautiful color and lights according to time. It's a live wallpaper, you can see it in home screen all the time.

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1. It shows time as follows.

- Hour : Background Color.

Starts from 12 o'clock, it changes smoothly in rainbow color order. At 12 o'clock, it's red. At 2 o'clock, it's yellow. At 4 o'clock, it's green. Background color change period is 12 hours default, but you can customize it in settings tab.


- Minute : The most brighter section is the position of minute hand.

Imagine analog circle clocks that minute hand pointing to right bottom area. it means that it's approximately 20~25 minutes. It's easy.


- Second : Background gradient color direction.

Well, you might not recognize it easily.

2. Full version features

- Little lights get closer when you point at screen.

You can see bright lights following your fingers in video.

- Lights react to device tilting. It's accelerometer effect, yeah.

You can't see it in video, but lights move as they are in 3D space when you tilt your device.

- Lights get brighter a while when you slide home screen pages.

You can see it at the end of the video.

- You can customize color change period and effects.

Sorry that camera performance is not good. Video seems so bright and blurred -o-

It looks better in real device.

3. General features

- Super light weight live wallpaper.

- Compatible with both vertical, horizontal views, and tablets.

It's designed for live wallpaper than real clock or watch, so it may be hard to recognize exact times. Of course, it doesn't provide any alarm, calendar or scheduling functions.


Free Version
Full Version

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